Fashion Retailer
50+ Employees

Dubarry Of Ireland are a retailer of high quality own brand fashion footwear, clothing and accessories. Their strategy is to keep their brand in front of their target market by retailing erecting superior pop-up stores at high footfall events. The company needed to find a retail solution that allowed them to operate numerous event retail stores across multiple states Worldwide. They needed a mobile solution with integrated barcode scanning and EMV ready card payments.  Before settling on boxpos.com as their preferred solution they researched a lot of providers. None of the solutions they examined appreciated the challenges the company faced as they moved their sales operations from state to state.

Our mobile POS set-up is simplified and gives our customers a unique service experience.
Danny Hulse
General Manager, USA

The boxpos.com solution they chose was to use the Apple iOS application running on a Verifone e315m handheld. This device gives their customers a unique shopping experience and allows Dubarry Of Ireland sales people to build rapport with their customers. The check-out function does not need them to hand off their customers to a counter based checkout.  With the mobile point of sale they can process the sale, take payment and print/email receipts while maintaining great rapport with their customers.

We value the experiential feel to our pop-up stores. Our customers need to see, wear and feel our products. The boxpos.com mPOS supports that unique shopping experience.
Michael Walsh
Director Of Marketing, Worldwide